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Anywhere in Southern Ontario.

My rate depends on the type of event, location, date, time, and estimated number of guests attending the party. I will need all of this information so I can accurately calculate the best price possible for your event. A specific costume can be requested or I can choose something at random from my many outfits. I am also available for modeling and/or acting, film work, and body painting. (Rates to be negotiated). Rates for other type of work requests are to be determined upon inquiry. *If you are looking for a quote, please click on the contact page and fill out the price request quote form*  You can also call or text me at 647-520-8199. Book me now!

“100% Satisfaction Guaranteed”
“If I don’t look the way I do in my photos or better, you don’t pay me!”

LADIES BEWARE! If this is your first time looking to book a male exotic dancer, it is important to proceed with caution! To avoid disappointment & ensure you’re getting who you think you’re getting be certain and ask to see at least 3 or more photos of any male exotic dancer you are considering hiring and ask lots of questions! I recommend that you call and research first any website you choose to book with for reviews before booking online, especially if they require a deposit or if they ask to get paid in full upfront upon arrival at your event. There are a few websites out there acting as companies offering male exotic dancers that don’t even exist. (False advertisements and misleading). They will tell you to choose 3 male exotic dancers from their website and one of them will come to your party! But then after you book it, you will end up getting a male exotic dancer who looks nothing like any of the 3 original requested choices you picked from their website.

Make sure the male exotic dancer you choose is really the one who is going to show up at your party! If they can’t provide you with 3 or more pictures of each male exotic dancer you choose or their faces are blurry or covered then this can be a major red flag! Don’t be fooled by some of these sites that use fake pictures purchased from “stock photos of male fitness models.” Some of these sites do cash pickups! They send out guys to do these parties with no experience whatsoever. Would you like to embarrass yourself and guests at your event?

Also, pay close attention to some out-of-province and “USA” websites that are advertising in your local area. They will take your deposit and after they will refer the booking to a third party in or close to your local area. So you will not get any of the male exotic dancers from these out-of-the-province and “USA” websites. Do your homework and make sure you get what you pay for! When someone books with me they don’t have to worry about any of this since I am the one who is going to show up at your party! No surprises. “If I don’t look the way I do in my photos, you don’t pay me!” (100% satisfaction guaranteed). If you find someone or a website who can guarantee you all the above then you are safe to book with them. I hope all this information helps you avoid potential scams and find the right male exotic dancer for your event, whether you choose to book with me or not. Good luck with your search!