Frequently Asked Questions

What is your rate?

My rate depends on the type of event, location, date, time and estimated number of guests attending the party.

What costume choices do you have available?

Police Officer, Firefighter, Navy, Construction Worker, Cowboy, Military/Army, Pizza Delivery Guy, Doctor, Waiter, Hotel Manager, Leather, Biker, Businessman, Lumber Jack, Santa, Tuxedo Suit or Casual.

Do you bring your own music?

Yes, I bring my own music and a boom box. But if you have any special requests or particular types of music, you can just send me a playlist and I will be more than happy to play it.

Do you come to the party already dressed in a costume or do you need to change when you arrive at the party?

No, I don’t need to change when I arrive at the party. I come already dressed in a costume and the fun begins!

Can we take pictures and videos during your show?

Yes, pictures and videos are allowed while some clothes are still on. I say when the pants come off no more pictures and videos please!

Do you look the way you do in your photos?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, if I don’t look the way I do in my photos or better, you don’t pay me! You will not find too many other sites in this industry out there who will guarantee you this.

Do you do last minute parties?

Yes I do. However if you are looking for a specific date and time, I highly suggest booking in advance to secure your date and time. My schedule fills up quickly and availability is on a first-come first-served basis.

How do I book you, and what will I need?

You can book me online or by phone. Call or text me at 647-520-8199. To make a reservation, I will need to know what type of event you need for, location, date, time and estimated number of guests attending the event.

How long is the show?

Generally shows are an average 30-60 minutes long, but the show length can vary at times depending on crowd size and participation.

My party might have guys attending as well, is that ok?

Yes that’s fine. But they can only watch the show and not participate. I will only dance and interact with a female audience.

Do you do shows in a limo bus?

Yes I do!

The Guest of Honor is shy, we don’t want them embarrassed, is that ok?

Yes that’s fine. I am very experienced in performing for conservative, shy crowds. I can assure you that all of your guests will have a great fun time!

Do I need to give my personal credit card number to book a party?

Absolutely not. You should be very cautious to whom you give your personal information to, especially in the Adult Industry. I do not require a credit card. A lot of other adult entertainment providers require you to pay with a credit card. I do not.

What methods of payment do you accept?

I accept e-transfer and cash only. First a small deposit by e-transfer in order to secure the date and time of the event and the remaining balance you pay me in cash on the day of after my performance please.

How old does everyone have to be at the party?

Everyone needs to be 18 or older.

Do you know any dancers in other cities?

Yes, you can go to Charleston and see https://michaelatyourplace.com

*If your question was still not answered from the FAQ above, please contact me and I will be happy to assist you with any inquiries you may have.*